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Real Estate management

It might be a little easy to buy a property, But it’s not always easy to have your property perform at optimal.

Our property management services are designed to keep your property healthy, and at optimal performance, thereby increasing your returns on investment while simultaneously keeping your tenants happy because happy tenants stays and recommends your property to others, thereby minimizing the chance of having a unit vacant.

Robert Kiyosaki (author Rich Dad Poor Dad) once said that the most important person in your team is the property manager. Don’t you think he was talking about how important the task is?

Now tell me, will you hand such an important task to a mediocre?

Have you ever considered how much money you lose annually to a poorly managed property?

Have you ever considered how much more you could make, just by having your property managed by a diligent-expert?

93â„… of the time, you don’t have a bad property, you only have bad managers who manages your properties poorly probably because they lack management skills or are not committed, or the both.

To improve your cash flow and generally improve your income, you need your properties to be managed by experts, who will go the extra-mile to keep it working optimally.

One funny mistake most people make is getting a property manager at the end – That is getting a property manager after buying or building the property is a mistake most people ignore. A good property manager will help you in carrying out detailed due diligence relating to the purpose of buying a property and also prove your underwriting because they have the in-depth understanding of the business, their locality, tax laws, and will help you save costs. When you involve our property management service in the property acquisition process, you will be sure to s secure only properties that perfectly fits your investment purpose.

If you are willing to continue the contract with us, we will help you manage this properties, keeping them at optimal performance and generating better Returns on Investment (ROI) for you.

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Financial Intelligence

Our property management service operates on financial intelligence. We have deep understanding of operating expenses, budgeting, financial statement and income taxes and competitive rental rate. We use this understanding to set appropriate rental- rates that is both competitive and favorable to property owners.

Improved Rental Income

We help prepare vacant units by keeping them in the best market shape for the next tenant. We also employ the use of the most efficient marketing technologies to effectively and aggressively market vacant units, attracting quality tenants, fast thereby maximizing occupancy and improving rental income

We Guarantee Quality Tennants

Remember that or marketing is targeted at quality tenants, who can afford the rental of your property for a long period. We use our skills and experience to further screen and scrutinize this tenants to ensure they fit into the following criteria

We Demonstrate Understanding Of Tenant's Needs

We seek to understand our tenant's needs and demonstrates it by paying attention to their request, monitoring their activities in regards to lease and requirements,. We collect rent in time and continually asses our tenants satisfaction in relationship to amenities provided, and constantly monitoring neighborhood properties, competing for rental income to ensure we provide better service to our tenants.

Routine Check And Property Maintenance

Regular maintenance of property helps keep it at optimal performance, and our regular presence also helps you save cost because damage will be prevented earlier as tenants will be more careful, knowing that the property is inspected regularly

Dealing With Breach Of Contract

Although we go the extra-mile to screen and scrutinize our tenants before handing over contracts to them, we are also very prepared for difficult tenants and any issue that may occur in the course of their contract. We therefore prepare good tenancy agreement that protects the property with owner's interest at heart.

General Facility Management

We are also very responsive with general facility management - Landscaping, plumbing, electricals, roof maintenance, wall maintenance, appliances, security, compound cleanliness, etc. We closely monitor the quality of repairs, and maintenance, and making sure it's efficient and budget friendly.

Our property management service will regularly furnish you with detailed routine report of general expenses, property growth and most importantly, we offer cutting edge property management services, aimed at improving the market value of your property, while simultaneously increasing  your rental income and Cash flow. Are you against getting started with us today? Click the golden button below to get stated

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