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We offer the best Property Sales and Marketing Services you can ever think of. This is because we understand the challenges and stress, home sellers and buyers face everyday in the hands of unscrupulous agents and inexperience sales people., therefore we go the extra-mile to offer solutions that thrive to solve this challenges to give our clients seamless buying and selling experiences.

One of the most frustrating thing for sellers is having their property in the Market for too long with no qualified lead coming for it, and on the other hand, buyers get really irritated and agitated by agents who waste their time, and never demonstrating understanding of what they really want.

Imagine your buying or selling experience seamless, as you get all the advantages possible in the deal, and getting it real fast, without having to work as hard as C. Ronaldo and yet getting the best deals that completely suits your purpose?

Considering these and more, we offer guidance, helping you navigate through  limitless options and taking full advantage of everything the market have to offer. We make it fast, easy and safe for you.

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Real Estate and Investment GPS Ltd


Our business is primarily built on helping investors and home-seekers find great deals and manage them properly to optimize Returns on Investment (ROI). This is properly stated in our mission and Vision Statement.

Here Are 4 Things We Do For Our Investors And Home Seekers…

Planning and Strategizing

Planning and strategizing are very critical to your success as a Real Estate Investor. We will help you develop an investment plan and draw actionable strategy that is unique to your purpose of investing, to help achieve your investment purpose and maximize returns on investment for you

Guidance Through Decision Making

We will show you the best options that suits your investment plan, and guide you through the process, offering complete information, surrounding each opportunity, to help you make the best decisions that serves your purpose of investing and increases your returns on investment subsequently.

We Guarantee Genuine Properties

Because we have never had a the history of our client lose their hard earned money and we are pretty confident that it will never start from you. We will work with you in conducting detailed-and-comprehensive-due-diligence and with our property verification techniques, we can assure you that you will always get genuine properties that perfectly fits your purpose of investment..

Negotiation Handling

Our team of highly skilled negotiators will walk you through the negotiation process, handing you all the advantages possible in the deal, and making sure you never leave money on the table

Higher Returns On Your Investment

When you continue the contract with us, We will manage the property on yor behalf, keeping it healthy, and at optimal performance, thereby keeping it at best market value and increasing your cash-flow and capital gains from this property. When we manage your property, you will be sure of better Returns on your Investment..

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Market Research

We will conduct detailed market research to identify opportunities that will attract buyers to your property

Content Creation

With the result from our research, We draw up an irresistible Godfather content that will set your property up for qualified leads and Clients

We Identify Use The Right Tools

From our limitless options, We will identify the best marketing tools to reach the right audience, who are already looking for your type of property Some of our options include but are not limited to…

We Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

With the content drawn out in number 2 above, We will draw out the best marketing plan that will appeal to the right audience and swing into action. We guarantee result.

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