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Real Estate advisory


Buying, selling, renting, or maximizing the use of a Real Estate property without a Real Estate Advisory Service  could be stressful and uphill tasks as it’s often time-sensitive, complex, and requires a lot of focus and expertise.

Sometimes, you as a Real Estate investor, property owner, or home seeker might know or have other businesses, business-interests, or jobs that tie you down and divide your attention and focus

And most of the time, you could also be lacking some basic skills for property evaluation, location evaluation, detailed due diligence, market/deal analysis, and adequate negotiation skills.

Real Estate and Investment GPS Advisory Service puts all these and more into consideration to offer you the best Advisory Service, that helps you find the best use for your inherited property, acquired property and also help you make higher returns in terms of bigger Cah-Flow and Higher Capital-Gains.

The advisory service also helps you find unique Real Estate investment opportunities and to take complete advantage of Real Estate deals that rewards you short term, long term and to infinity

Real Estate Investment
Real Estate and Investment GPS Ltd


In-depth understanding of The market

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the Nigerian Real estate market. These skills were developed through several years of active fieldwork, dedication, and curiously studying the market patterns and trends. Our team consists of brokers, Surveyors, Architects, structural engineers, Developers, and Real Estate Lawyers with proven track records. We combine our expertise to offer the best Real Estate Advisory and consultancy Services that will bring you the best returns on your investments.


We are experts in conducting detailed and comprehensive due diligence and will use the best of our skills to research and double check every investment opportunity to ensure they are safe, We offer useful advice to our clients and potential investors based on our findings.

Higher Cash flow And Capital Gains

Our Real Estate experts, critically evaluate your current property to determine it's best use and thereby offer the best advice based on our findings to increase your Cash Flow and Capital gains

We Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals Faster

Unlike an average broker or realtor who is only interested in closing the deal and earning commissions,, we are more concerned with what the property will do for you. This explain the reason we go the extra mile to study and analyze every opportunity critically before offering investment advice.
Engaging with our Real Estate Advisory service will help you achieve higher returns on your investment, and in turn, this will help you achieve your goals to attain financial freedom faster.

We Help you make informed Decisions

We help you evaluate a property by analyzing the structure, the location, surrounding opportunities, and other factors that could hamper or motivate the development and appreciation of the property. We provide the best advisory services based on our findings, to enable you make informed buying, selling or management decisions that guarantees better returns. Our advisory services also prompts you on the best time to buy, best time to hold and best time ton sell, giving you all the advantages possible.

We Help Improve Your Profit

Our experts will guide you through the process of acquisition, development, renovation, improvement, and value add, giving you all the valuable information that if well utilized will multiply your returns on investment.

We Offer Best Management services

We use latest technology to offer cutting edge Real estate Management Services, keeping your property healthy and at optimal performance, improving your rental income by attracting quality tenants, Enforcing agreements that protects the property and owners interest and ensuring that the property is at best market value at all time.

Please click here to learn more about our property management Services. The best you can get in Nigeria.

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